Ferdinando Carbone was born in Rome in 1968, where he currently resides.

As an absolute autodidact he undertook an artistic path aimed at experiencing a personal communicative language that goes beyond the canonical perception of reality. The result is an aggressive, instinctive style, characterized by the use of clear and contrasting colors in an extreme synthesis of shapes and signs. In his paintings he goes beyond the classic figurative and he goes into another reality, in which the figures often progressively lose every realistic connotation, characterizing itself in an essential representation that sometimes becomes fairy tale, slipping into a dreamlike environment.

In December 2017 he was selected by BNL Paribas to exhibit, at the headquarters in Rome, his works as testimonial in the fundraising of the Telethon Foundation.

From June to September 2018 he exhibited his works at the Hybris Art Gallery in Rome.

In 2018 he was selected for the Palermo International Art Award, for the Roma Caput Mundi Award and for the Maestro da Museo Competition with exhibition at the Civic Museum of Monreale.

In 2020 and 2021 he participated in the fifth and sixth edition of the event Rome Art Week.

In 2021 he was selected for the Eco Festival of Arts with “Appendere ad Arte”

In 2021 he participated, with the Pavart gallery in Rome, in Arte in Nuvola, the first great contemporary modern art fair in Rome.

His works were published in the journal Art Now in December 2018 and February 2019

One of his works was published in the 2021 edition of the book of poems and visual art “Viaggio metafora di Vita”

Since 2019 several works are exhibited in Rome, at the Galleria Pavart.